Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard

Be a Good Listener




Be a Good Listener


The entire chapter is about how we should be good listeners and being a good listener is very important as we learn the most when we listen to someone and we should always listen to what a person had to say and it also makes it a lot easier to learn things so the chapter has given us certain questions to see if we are good listeners or not. 

When you are listening to someone, do you look at the person do you turn your head away or toy with something else?

When someone is talking to you you should try and give them all your attention otherwise it comes off as disrespectful and it seems like you are interested in what they are saying to you.

Do you pay attention to what the speaker is saying?  

you should try and give as much attention as possible when a speaker is talking 

 Do you make any special efforts to understand the speaker?

If you do make a special effort to understand the speaker will feel good and he will think you are interested in what he is talking 

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