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  • Sports
  • Importance of sports



  • The word "sport" comes from the Old French desport meaning "leisure", which means "anything humans find amusing or entertaining".
  • Sports is a game, competition, or activity that needs physical effort and skill that is played or done according to rules, for enjoyment, or as a job.
  • Both entertainment and physical exercise are involved in it.  
  • Humans have a natural drive to play. Consequently, the history of sports starts with the emergence of humanity.  
  • There have been many different games played since the beginning of civilization. While the ancient people did use hunting as a means of collecting food, they also enjoyed it as a pastime and kind of entertainment.  
  • Games like dice games (dyut), wrestling, horse and chariot races, and chess are mentioned in ancient Indian literature and epics. 

Olympic Games:

Greeks and sports go back a very long time. The very first people to standardize and systematically organize sports rules were the Greeks. They began conducting sports events like the discus throw, horse and chariot races, wrestling, and boxing, among other activities. Olympia, an ancient Greek city, once served as the site of the Olympic Games. For athletes, it is a marvellous honour to be able to compete in the Olympics and come out on top.

Importance of Sports 

  • Playing games is very important to us. It enables us to overcome pain and anxiety. We can relax and refresh our minds by playing games.
  • Games that involve a lot of physical activities also provide good exercise. Games aid in the building of a tough and powerful body.
  • Games also help us develop courage, determination, and sportsmanship. Games requiring collective participation assist us to create a sense of teamwork and cooperation. It also aids in the development of leadership. 
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