Development of Science




Development of Science:

It is said that the European natural scientists of the 17th century laid the foundations of modern science. The scientists of the 17th century put emphasis on the following things: to prove that scientific principles established by empirical experiments are true despite time and space; to convert the emergent scientific rules into scientific formulae; to create new scientific parlance and so on. These efforts helped with the progress of science.

Institutions devoted to the cause of science:

In Europe, some organizations were established for research in science. These organizations published scientific journals, which included research articles written by scientists, correspondence between them, as also clearing doubts and exchanging thoughts. Among them 'Academy of the Lynx Eyed' or 'Lincean Academy' in Rome, 'Academy for experiment' in Florence, 'Royal Society for Improving Natural Knowledge' in London, 'French Academy of Sciences' in France were of prime importance.

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