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Carbon: a Versatile Element

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Carbon is one of the most common elements on earth. It is found in free-form and also mixed with other elements. It is also one of the most important elements of life. Today, all lifeforms that exist on earth are carbon-based. Also, without carbon and its compounds, life probably wouldn’t have existed.

Food, clothes, medicines, books, or many of the things that are listed are all based on this versatile element carbon. In addition, all living structures are carbon based. The amount of carbon present in the earth’s crust and in the atmosphere is quite meagre. The earth’s crust has only 0.02% carbon in the form of minerals (like carbonates, hydrogencarbonates, coal and petroleum) and the atmosphere has 0.03% of carbon dioxide. In spite of this small amount of carbon available in nature, the importance of carbon seems to be immense. In this Chapter, we will know about the properties of carbon which make carbon so important to us.


  • Carbon
  • Versatile nature of Carbon
  • Occurrence of carbon
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