Flower - a Fascinating Organ of Angiosperms - Sexuality in Flowers

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  • Flower sex
  1. Perfect or bisexual
  2. Imperfect or unisexual: Staminate and Pistillate flowers


Flower sex:

Flower sex refers to the presence or absence of androecium and gynoecium within a flower.

1) Perfect or bisexual:

If a flower contains both androecium and gynoecium it is called a perfect flower.

Bisexual flower

2) Imperfect or unisexual:

When the flower contains only one of the essential whorls is called an Imperfect flower. It is of two types:

  1. Staminate flowers: Flowers with androecium alone.

    Male flower

    ii) Pistillate flowers: Flowers with gynoecium alone.

    Female flower

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