Wonderful Waste!




Wonderful waste summary 

The Maharaj of Travancore has organized a grand diner at his palace. He walked into the kitchen and saw a basket of vegetable scraps and asked his chef what they were there for.

His chef replied saying they are vegetable scraps the king said that he cannot waste the vegetable scraps and that he has to use them for something. The chef was in a fix as he did not know what he would do with vegetable scraps he looked at the basket of vegetables for a while and then suddenly he got an idea.

He put all the vegetables into a pot and then lo and behold he had made a dish and he served the guests they were eager to know what the name of the dish was it came to his mind avail.

Avail became famous all over Kerala and is now one of the dishes in a traditional Kerala feast. And imagine, it all came from a basket of waste!


This story teaches us about how we can make the best from waste and how we should not just consider something as waste and not use it and it also teaches us about where the dish Avial originates from.

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