Rip Van Winkle




Rip Van Winkle


Once upon a time, there was a man named rip van winkle who lived at the foothills of the mountain Kaatskil. He was a good-natured man he was a good neighbor he was always there when you need him.

He is always there to help people out he was very helpful so he was liked by everyone in the village the children in the village loved him whenever he would come around he would play with them so they would scream with joy the only problem with rip was that he was very lazy.

He had a farm but it was not kept well at all because he was so lazy his fences were falling apart, his cows were going astray, there was weed on his farm. Rip has a dog named wolf and to avoid his work at the farm he would just take the wolf for a walk so one day avoiding his work he took wolf for a walk and he reached the highest point of the mountain by the time he reached it was afternoon and he was tired so he lay down and started to daydream laying there it became evening and rip realized it will become night by the time he gets back to the village.

Suddenly, he heard a voice calling his name so he looked around and he saw a short, old man, with thick hair and a grizzled beard walking towards him with a barrel and he made signs asking for help to carry the barrel rip rushed to the old man to help him out.

The old man grabbed his hand tight and took him to where he was going. He reached there and they were old looking men playing nine pins (bowling) and they all looked identical and they were dressed the same way and they had beards of different shapes and sizes and colors even though they were playing their faces were very serious and there was no noise except the noise of the ball hitting the pins the old man he came with emptied the contents of the barrel and put it in a glass and made rip drink it.

He was extremely scared so he drank it and had a few more glasses and fell asleep on waking up. He was at the original place of meeting the old man he rubbed his eyes, it was bright and sunny. He thought he slept the entire night there he started to look for the wolf but he was nowhere to be found he started to walk back to the village as he returned.

He met a lot of people in the village he never knew and they didn't know him either on looking at him one said look at his long beard and wrinkled face he stroked his face and he was shocked. He had a beard which was one foot long and then one old woman came and looked at him for a moment and said rip our old neighbor where have you been since the last twenty years?


Never drink or eat anything without knowing what it is or if it is safe or not always make sure that you are not forced into trying anything that you are not comfortable with.

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