Gulliver's Travels




Gulliver's Travels


This story has been taken from the very famous gulliver's travel. In total, there are four voyages and this story is the second voyage.

The captain sent a few men and vessels to go and get some water but there was no river and no water to be found. So he went to explore and see if he could find any water. The land was barren. When he turned to join the rest of the crew he saw them rowing away as fast as possible and then he observed a huge creature. He couldn't make it to the boat but the huge creature could not overtake the boat either. He went into the fields to hide from the monster with fields of barley and corn of almost 40 ft in height there was a fence to cross after every field and each step was nearly 6 ft apart he was trying to find a gap and in the next field, he saw a creature similar in size which he was being chased by. 

He got scared and he ran to go and hide himself the creature made a noise louder than a trumpet and seven creatures like that one came to the field to pluck out corn and then one of them went to where he was laying down and he screamed as loud as he could. The large creature picked up in his hand and blew into his face so that he could his little face

They all sat on the ground to get a good look at him. He walked back and forward he tried to converse with them in every language possible but they could not understand him the farmer took him home as soon as the farmer's son saw I'm he grabbed him and put him in his mouth he yelled so loud that the son threw him the mother wiped him with a white sheet he went to sleep dreaming about his home and his wife and his children 


This story teaches us about how we can be afraid and intimidated by people sizes we should not judge people by their size cause big people can also be nice  

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