Bamboo Curry




Bamboo curry summary 

Once a son-in-law went to visit his mother-in-law, she had prepared a special dish for him. He liked him he liked the curry a lot.

He asked her what it was made of and she pointed at the door which was made out of bamboo.

The next morning when he was about to leave, he remembered that there was no bamboo in the village so he took the door with him. Once he reached the village, he asked his wife to cook the bamboo door she was shocked and asked how am I supposed to cook a bamboo door he said I'll help you but cutting the door into smaller pieces she boiled it for a really long while and when he came to taste it, he took a bite and said that that it is too hard and that his wife does not know how to cook.

So, she added more water and boiled it again, and gave it to him to taste. Hetas said it's still too hard.

Later that evening the in-laws came to visit the young couple and they laughed at them and told them that the curry is made from a bamboo shoot, not the bamboo door.


This story teaches us that we should not do anything in a hurry. We should take proper instructions and that is only when we should make a move.

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