The Little Bully




The Little Bully


Once upon a time, there was a kid named Hari who wasn't very big but he was strong. He would misuse his strength a lot he uses to tease the other children and his favorite thing to do was pinch other people he would leave a mark on them within half a minute. He also loved to prick other people with a pin. So you can understand how everyone hated him and disliked him cause he was always playing tricks and hurting people. The children didn't want to tell their teachers cause then they would be tattle-telling.

So one day the school had their annual picnic so all the children were extremely excited.  The train came and they all jumped in but no one wanted to sit next to Hari cause he would pinch them and hurt them. The train reached the destination everyone jumped down and caught someone's hand and started to run together but no one caught Hari's hand. 

Hari got angry he went and he sat in a corner all alone cause no one wanted to sit with him and he took out his Tiffen to see what he had to eat. He had a very nice Tiffen There was two hard-boiled eggs, six jam sandwiches, three pieces of bread and butter, a ginger cake, and a bar of chocolate he never offered anything to anyone he said that he would eat it all alone.

As soon as Hari became to eat his eggs he heard a sound from behind that said “Good morning! I am so pleased to meet a boy like you.” Hari turned around and he was very scared the crab put out his claw so Hari put his hand forward to shake his hand the crab opened his claw and bit Hari. Hari yelled in pain.

After that, the crab introduced his lobster cousin who came out of the water before Hari could do anything the lobster got his hand and pinched it so hard. Hari yelled in pain.

Hari started at the water and many other creatures came out and pinched him until he was black and blue all the creatures asked him did he liked it they heard that he was the champion pincher so they wanted to see how he would like if someone did it to him.

They saw Hari's lunch and they diverted their attention from him Hari saw them and ran as fast as he could with tears running down his eyes and then he understood why the other children hated him so much cause he use to worry them.


We should not bully other kids if we are stronger than them cause someday or the other you will always meet someone who is strongest to you and you should treat the weaker people how you wanted to be treated in their position.

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