The Talkative Barber




The Talkative Barber


once upon a time there lived a king in a city called Cashgar in the same city lived a barber one day the sultan called the barber to the palace to get his head shaved the barber came and he started to talk and he went on and on for a while the king got annoyed and asked if he is only going to talk or will he do his job too? the barber got offended and said he is the quietest one in his family and went on to tell the king about all his siblings and all their characteristics and said he the one that talks the least in his family the king got angry and said give the barber three gold peices and tell him to leave he will not get his head shaved today to that the barber replied saying you were the one to call me I didt call you and now that I am here I have to complete my duties and then he began to narrate another story for another half an hour by this point the sultan had it and said stop tallking I have a grand lunch that I need to be ready for then the barber saw that the sultan was really angry and said that he wll begin now and he washed his head and started to shave his head the razor didt even touch his head 5 times and the barber said  you didt tell me what the matter of great importance is if you do then i can give you my opinion on it the sultan didt repond to tell question he just saoid to finish shaving his head the barber while shaving his head midd way went to go and see the time the sultan was extremely frusted the barber came back and said sultan you will be saved in a momenent and he cintinued to shave the sultan even while shaving his head he could not stop talking he asked the sultan what he had to do after that was so important that he was in a rush the sultan told him he needs to meet some friends at noon the barber remembers that he had called friends over too and forgot to make preperations and he told the sultan that and at that point the sultan was willing to do anthing to get rid of the barber so he told im saying if he shaves him fast he can have all the preperations that the sultan had ready for his lunch so the baber asked to see the food the sultan said dont worry that i have enough food for you and your friends  but still to get rid of him he told his servants to brung in the food the baber said that he would like some fruit as well as desearts the sultan asked for the fruits to be ordered as well The Barber left off shaving the Sultan to examine each dish separately. This took up half an hour the sultan was extremely angry and then the barber started to shave his hair again and he started to cry and said I didn't know you were so generous   

Conclusion of the talkative barber 

This story teaches us that if we know our job well. We don't need to waste our time talking. Cause actions will always speak louder than words and if yours don't then you are like the talkative barber. 

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