Topsy-turvy Land




Topsy turvy Land


this poem is by H.E. WILKINSON shows us land from a very different perspective as you can tell by the name everything on this land is upside down, for example, the sun rises from the west and not from the east. the poem just gives us a completely different perspective of our normal day to day life    

Stanza by Stanza explanation 

1st stanza 

The people walk upon their heads,
The sea is made of sand,
The children go to school by night,
In Topsy-turvy Land. 

in the first stanza, the poet talks about how everything is not alike on what we do on a day to day basis he says that on this land the people don't walk on their feet they walk on their hands there is no water in the sea there only sand the children over there don't go to school during the day they go to school at night 

2nd stanza 

The front-door step is at the back,
You're walking when you stand,
You wear your hat upon your feet,
In Topsy-turvy Land.

in the second stanza, the poet tells us about a few more things that we will find odd he says that the front door { entrance} of the house is at the back and as they walk on their hands and not on their legs they even wear their hat upon their feet in this land when you're standing your walking like you can not stand you are walking  

3rd stanza

And buses on the sea you'll meet,
While pleasure boats are planned,
To travel up and down the streets
Of Topsy-turvy Land.

in the third stanza, the poet says that their sea is full of sand, and their street are full of water so there you meet buses on the sea, and on the street, pleasure boat rides are planned to go and travel up and down the street.

4th stanza 

You pay for what you never get,
I think it must be grand,
For when you go you're coming back,
In Topsy-turvy Land.

in the fourth stanza, the poet says that you pay for things and you never get them, and the poet thinks that it would be grand to go and come through the topsy turvy land.  


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