In this poem, the poet says that when you cry, crying only a little bit does not make sense. When you cry you should get all your feelings out because crying does not make you weak it makes you stronger and you feel a lot better when you just let go of your bad emotions you feel like you have just let go.

Stanza by stanza explanation:

1st stanza

Crying only a little bit
is no use. You must cry
until your pillow is soaked!
Then you can jump in the shower
and splash-splash-splash!

In the first stanza, the poet says that crying only a little bit makes no sense you must cry until there are no more tears left you should cry until you feel free and not worried about the reason why you are crying, and then you should just hop in the shower and wash up.

2nd stanza

Then you can throw open
your window
and, “Ha, ha! haha!”
And if people say, “Hey,
what's going on up there?”
“Haha!” sing back, “Happiness
was hiding in the last tear!
I wept it! Haha!” 

In the second stanza, the poet says that once you are done washing up and have cleaned yourself you can come out feeling so light and open your window and laugh with happiness and spread your happiness with other people and tell them that crying does not make you weak it makes you overcome whatever situation you are stuck in and gets happiness in your life.  

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