My Elder Brother




My elder brother 

Scene 1: 

The scene begins with The elder brother, Bhaiya, is reading a book, and the younger one, Munna, is drawing pictures of birds and animals. The elder brother starts to question the younger brother asking him when he would study and why he wastes his time all day so the little brother asked the elder one how he can just sit all day and study the elder brother said I don't mind repeating my class but I need to have a good foundation in his education and hard work is the only way to have a good foundation in my education. the younger brother questions his brother saying that he is 5 years older than him and only 3 classes ahead of him and why he keeps writing one word 20 times and one poem so many times the elder brother says that studying English and speaking it is not easy and then starts to criticize him on his daily routine and started yelling at him the younger brother begins to cry and says that he wants to go back home the elder brother says that he will make a time table to help him out he did prepare a time table for him but he gave him no time to play so the little brother said when will I play and the elder brother asked what is the need to play the younger brother replied saying how much he loves the green field and how whenever he is on the field how there is no stress in the world that can worry him. 

Scene 2:

In the second scene, the results of the exam are in and the elder brother has failed again and the younger brother has topped his class and comes and tells his brother that now they have only two years difference between the two them the elder brother says just caused you passed and I failed you think you are smart and I am dumb and then he scares him with algebra and geometry and tells him in geometry even if you get one letter from here to there you get it marked wrong the little brother says oh no I don't want to go to 9 grade now and his elder brother goes on to rant and the little brother in his mind say thank god its time for school or this guy would keep going on and on.

Scene 3:

In scene 3, it happens again where the elder brother has failed and the younger brother passed again and now they only have one-year difference and the younger brother started to believe he does need to study at all to pass at all and he goes out to play he was flying a kite and he was running behind it and his elder brother caught the kite and said Munna education is not only about a foundation do you know that our mom is not educated and our dad is only educated till the fifth grade and he knows so much. Education is not about what grades you get or how well you do it is about when the situation arises to know how to find a way out for example if I had to get unwell today what will you do the younger brother says I would call baba {dad} the elder brother says I expected you to say that now do you understand my point the younger brother said yes I do I need to have your back!!


The story teaches us that we should always listen to our elders as they have more experience than us and they only want what is good for us so whenever they give us advise it comes from a good place.

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