Who Will Be Ningthou?




Who will be Ningthou?


Once upon a time in the land of Kangleipak in Manipur there lived a king and queen they were loved by the people everyone liked them the king and the queen would never stop thinking about their people they would say that the people should be happy.

The people were not the only things that loved the king and queen even the animals and the birds did the king and queen said everyone in their area should live in peace not only the people but also the bird's animals and the trees should be happy.

The king and queen had 3 sons named Sanajaoba, Sanayaima, and Sanatomba. After twelve years they had a daughter named Sanatombi she was very nice and kind she was loved by everyone a few went away the children grew up and everything was good. 

One day the king called his ministers for a meeting and said it is time to choose the next king the ministers were in shock they said the next king will be your eldest son Sanajaoba the king said that is how it was done in the old days the queen said that they will have a contest to decide who should become the next king.

so they decided to have a horse race and whoever would cross the banyan tree first would become the next king but a strange thing happened all three of them crossed the banyan tree at the same time and everyone in the crowd said look at them all three such good horseriders but the question remained who would be the next king 

The queen turned to her sons and said that you three have proved that you three are fine horsemen but we cannot make a fair decision of that race so do something different so that we can judge you so then Sanajaoba pierced a tree with his spear and jumped the horse through it everyone in the crowd was cheering him on then it was the second brother's turn Sanayaima he looked around and he saw a tree and he jumped over it and landed on the other side the crowd cheered from him to it was the third son's chance and he went to the banyan tree and uprooted it and he carried it and kept it at the feet of the king and the queen

The daughter of the king went to the tree and was looking at it very upset so they asked what happened and then she said the tree is hurt and the birds don't have a place to stay anymore and the king said the only one worthy to become a ruler is his 5 years old daughter and the king announced her the next queen of Kangleipak she stood there with all the birds around her and everyone looked at their new queen 


We should always care for nature cause in the future nature will care for us and it will help us out whenever we need it.

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