Flying Together




Flying together 


Once upon a time, there was a tree in a Forest that stood very tall. It had strong leafy branches which spread out like strong arms. This strong tall tree was home to a flock of wild geese. They felt safe there covered by the branches of the tall tree.

Out of all the geese, there was one old wise bird. so one day he saw a creeper at the foot of the tree and he spoke to the other birds about it saying that we must destroy this creeper.

The geese were in surprise and asked why do we need to destroy the creeper its so small what harm can it cause to us. The wise bird said it will grow and become thick and strong. The geese asked even if that does happen what harm can it do to us? The wise bird said with the help of the creeper it becomes very easy to climb the tree so a hunter can easily come up and kill us all.

The geese said that there is no hurry it is so small it would make no sense to destroy it right now. the wise bird replied saying it is small right now so it is tender and you will be able to cut it once it grows it will become hard and you won't be able to cut it.

The birds did not listen to the wise bird and the creeper grew and started to wind around the tree. With days progressing it kept getting thicker and thicker and it was as thick as a rope. one morning the birds went out to go get some food and a hunter came to the forest that day.

He came to know where the geese stay and said to himself I will catch them today evening. The hunter climbed the tree with the help of the creeper and laid his net there and he got down and left from there. In the evening when the geese returned back they did not notice the net and they all got trapped they cried out for help.

The wise bird said don't make a fuss now and reminded them about how he had told them to cut the creeper when it was small and tender and said that the hunter would come the next morning and kill them all. The birds wept saying that they were extremely foolish and asked for the wise bird for help.

He replied saying listen to me carefully tomorrow when the hunter comes. pretend to be dead he will not want dead birds he will throw us to the ground it will be easier for him to climb down and then take the dead birds so once the last of us is thrown to the ground we must quickly get up and run.

The hunter came the next day and said to himself that they all are dead and started throwing them down one by one as soon as the last bird was thrown they all got up and flew away. The hunter was taken by surprise as he saw them fly away 


We should always listen to our elders as they have more experience than us they have been in similar situations that's why they give us advice so that we don't make the same mistakes.   

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