Nobody’s Friend




Nobody's Friend


This story is written by ENID BLYTON teaches us a lot about sharing, and how friendship and sharing go hand in hand, and if we don't share how it will become very difficult for us to have friends, and having friends is very important as humans are social animals.

Stanza by stanza explanation

She had some sweets that she wouldn’t share,
She had a book that she wouldn’t lend,
She wouldn’t let anyone play with her doll,
She’s nobody’s friend!

In the first stanza, the poet speaks about a girl who does not want to share anything the poet uses examples like sweets that she won't share, books that she won't lend, dolls only she wants to play with, and how because of all of there qualities she has no friends.

He had some toffee, and ate every bit,
He had a tricycle he wouldn’t lend,
He never let anyone play with his train,
He’s nobody’s friend

The second stanza is very similar to the first one in the second stanza the poet gives a few more examples the only major  difference is that that this time he is talking about a boy and in the first stanza he is talking about a girl 

But I’ll share all of my sweets with you,
My ball and my books and my games I will lend,
Here’s half my apple and half my cake
— I’m your friend!

In the third stanza, the poet speaks about how there is a girl who shares all her things and who has a lot of friends she shares everything she has the poet has given some examples about what all she shares and why she has friends.

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