Ice-cream Man




Ice-cream man


This poem written by poet Rachel field tell us about a hot summer day and how everyone is tired of the heat and the only hope on those days is the ice cream man. He brings joy and happiness to everyone around. He comes with various flavors of ice cream. He also has chilled frosty fizz to drink as well. The poet has compared the ice cream cart and the children to flower bed of roses and sweet peas and the children are compared to honeybees. This is how on a hot summer day the ice cream man brings joy and happiness to everyone.

 Stanza by stanza explanation:

 1st stanza:

When summers in the city,
and brick’s a blaze of heat,
The Ice-cream Man with his little cart
Goes trundling down the street.

 In the first stanza the poet says that it is summer time and the sun is blazing hot. The ice cream man goes around the streets with his cart.

2nd stanza

Beneath his round umbrella,
Oh, what a joyful sight,
To see him fill the cones with mounds
Of cooling brown and white:

In the second stanza the poet says that the ice cream man brings joy and happiness to everyone by filling the ice cream cones with various different flavors of ice cream.

3rd stanza

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,
Or chilly things to drink
From bottles full of frosty-fizz,
Green, orange, white, or pink

In the third stanza the poet says thats he has various flavours of cold drinks and ice cream to offer to the children.

4th stanza 

His cart might be a flower bed,
Of roses and sweet peas,
way the children cluster round
As thick as honeybees.

In the fourth stanza the poet compares the ice cream cart to a flower bed of roses and sweet peas and compares the children to honeybeas.

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