The Lazy Frog




The lazy frog


The lazy frog is a poem about a frog named Fred and how he is lazy throughout his life even when his mother calls him to work he ignores her and when a lady frog walks by he does not even move he does not even open his eyes.

Stanza by stanza explanation:

1st stanza:

Fred is a very lazy frog
Who lolls all day upon a log.
He always manages to shirk
Doing a single stroke of work.
His poor old mother calls in vain
“Come in and help!” he does not bother
To move two inches, much preferring
To be extremely hard-of-hearing.
He lies there in a silent heap,
And stays conveniently asleep.

In the first stanza, the poet says that there is a frog named Fred and all he does all day is be lazy. he does not do any work. His poor mother does all the work and when she asks for help he will ignore her instead of moving two inches he would rather just ignore people and conveniently stay asleep 

2nd stanza:

If a lady frog hops past
You’d think he would get up at last
To bow, and help her on her way?
But no, I am ashamed to say
That when a lady frog comes by
He does not open up one eye!

In the second stanza, the poet says that generally when a female frog would walk by the male one would try to impress them but Fred he does not even open his eye to look at them. Indirectly the poet is trying to say that a lazy person is lazy for everyone. He will not do work for anyone. He will be lazy and that is shown with the relationship the frog shares with his mother.

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