Robinson Crusoe - Discovers a Footprint




Robinson Crusoe - Discovers a Footprint


Once upon a time, there was a man named Robinson Crusoe, and his ship was destroyed by the sea. he lived alone for many years and then suddenly one day when he was going to his boat he found a footprint of a man on the sand.

He heard and looked everywhere he went up and down the seashore to check to find anything to link him to the footprint he could not find any other footprint except that one.

He went and checked again just in case he was in his imagination. but he was not wrong there was only one footprint he sat there confused for a very long time. he returned to his house extremely scared he turned around every two-three steps he took and was mistaking every bush and tree around him he finally got home and ran in so fast as if he was being chased he ran into his house for cover faster than any animal does.

He could not sleep that night the more he thought about it the more he got scared about it he thought it could be one of the savages of the mainland who had wandered out to the sea, in a small boat. and he said to himself luckily he was not onshore at that time but what if they saw my boat.

Cause if he saw the boat he would know that someone lives on the island and would come later to kill him and eat him so he was still scared and laid low for a while in his house after a few days he went out to investigate and he was still very scared.

He kept turning back frequently after a few days he got boulder and he went down to the shore to go and examine the footprint so he decided to examine it with his own foot mark as he came closer he came to know that it was not his footprint cause he had not been to the beach in a very long time also that the footprint was larger in size compared to his so he got scared and went home believing that there is someone there.


We should not trust everything we see and not see the entire proof behind it cause then we will spend the rest of our lives in fear.

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