Coastline of Brazil




The coasts:

  • Brazil's coastline is 7,400 kilometers long, making it the world's 16th longest national coastline.
  • That can be divided into two parts. Specifically, the northern and eastern coasts.
  • The northern coast extends from Amapa province in the north to Rio Grande do Norte in the east. This can be called the North Atlantic coast.
  • The eastern coast extends southward from there.
  • The southernmost beach on the Brazilian coast of the South Atlantic Ocean is called Praia do Cassino or Casino Beach. It is thought to be the world's longest sandy beach. The beach runs continuously for more than 200 kilometers.
  • The northern coast is distinguished by the mouths of numerous rivers, including the Amazon. As a result, this is a low-lying region.
  • The Marajo Island, as well as the Marajo and Sao Marcos Bays, are located on the northern coast. Marajo is a large coastal island located between the Amazon and Tocantins rivers.
  • A large number of smaller rivers flow into the eastern coast. Sao Francisco is the only major river that meets the Atlantic Ocean here.
  • The Brazilian coast is distinguished by a large number of beaches and sand dune complexes.
  • Coral reefs and atoll islands protect the Brazilian coast in some places.
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