Brazilian Plains




The Plains:

  • Brazil's lowlands are only found in two regions: the Paraguay-Parana basin in the southwest and the Amazon basin in the north.
  • Brazil's greatest plain land is the Amazon Plains, which are located in between the two highlands.
  • The northern Brazilian Amazonian plains often slope eastward. The Amazon basin is around 1300 km wide in the west and gets smaller in the east. Its width is minimum where the Guyana Highlands and Brazilian Highland come closer. (240 km) As it gets closer to the Atlantic Ocean, the plains get wider.
  • The majority of them are forested places that are challenging to reach because of flooding and dense undergrowth. Most of the Amazon plains are covered by tropical rainforests.
  • The southwest region of the highlands is where Brazil's other plains are located. The Paraguay and Parana rivers originate in this area. The Parana and Paraguayan sources slope in the south and southwest, respectively.
  • One of the biggest wetlands on the planet is the Pantanal. It is situated in the southwest highland regions. It is a region of marshes and swamps in Argentina and northwest Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
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