Brazilian Highlands




Brazilian Highlands:

  • A large plateau covers much of southern Brazil. It is also known as the Brazilian Highlands, the Brazilian Shield, and the Brazilian Plateau.
  • The Brazilian and Guyana Highlands form the primary part of the South American continent.

    Guyana Highlands

    Brazilian Highlands

  • The majority of the Guyana highlands are in Venezuela and extend all the way to French Guiana.
  • In Brazil, it includes the northern states of Roraima, Para, and Amapa. Brazil has the lower part of these highlands. However, the highest point in Brazil, Pico de Neblina, is 3014 meters high and is located on the border between Brazil and Venezuela.
  • The areas to the east and south of the Brazilian highlands have an altitude of more than 1000 meters. However, in other areas, the altitude ranges from 500 to 1000 meters. The highlands gradually slope northward, and the slopes are not very steep.
  • The Amazon tributaries that flow through this region create rapids and waterfalls. The slopes are steep towards the north but not sudden. Several rivers take off from the end portion of the highlands and flow northwards to meet the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Some major rivers, such as Uruguay, Paraguay, and Parana, originate from the southern slopes of the highlands and enter Argentina. It has a steep slope to the east and appears to be an escarpment.
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