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Bee farming is performed in bee farms or apiaries. Many farmers perform beekeeping as a means of generating additional income because:

Honey is a widely used product

Bee farming is not very expensive

They also generate wax along with honey

Bees used for commercial and honey production

Apis Cerana Indica - Indian bee

A. Dorsata - The rock bee

A. Florae - The little bee

A. Mellifera – Italian variety of bee

Castes in Honey Bee

The honey bees build a nest which is called as a bee-hive. A hive contains almost 10,000 to 60,000 bees. The bees live together in a colony and divide themselves into 3 different castes.

Queen bee: the fertile, functional female of all is the queen bee. It is the supreme bee in the colony.

Drone bees: they are the smaller male bees of the colony. Their main task is to maintain the hive.

Worker bees: they are the smallest in size but the most active members of the hive. They perform different functions such as collecting pollens and nectar, constructing the comb, cleaning the cells of the hive.

Why Italian bees are popular in bee farming?

They produce large amounts of honey.

They do not sting much.

The breeding period in Italian bees is long.

Factors that determine the quality of honey

Along with the choice of selection of the bee species, the flowers decide the quality quantity and taste of the honey produced.

There should also be enough pasturage or availability of flowers to the bees so that they can collect enough nectar and pollen.

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