The Inflorescence

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  • Inflorescence
  • Types of Inflorescence
    1) Based On Position - Terminal, Auxillary, and Cauliflorous
    2) Based on branching pattern and other characters -Indeterminate (Racemose), Determinate (Cymose), Mixed inflorescence and Special inflorescence
  • Racemose Inflorescence
    1) Main axis elongated - Simple raceme, Spike, Spikelet, Catkin, Spadix and Pancile
    2) Main axis shortened - Corymb, Umbel
    3) Main axis flattened - Head, 
  • Cymose inflorescence - 
    1) Simple cyme (solitary)
    2) Monochasial Cyme (uniparous) - Helicoid and Scorpioid
    3) Simple dichasium (Biparous)
    4) Compound dichasium:
    5) Polychasial Cyme (multiparous)
  • Mixed Inflorescence
    1) Thyrsus
    2) Verticillaster
  • Special Inflorescence
    1) Cyathium
    2) Hypanthodium
    3) Coenanthium
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