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Transformation of Energy

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Energy cannot be made not cannot be destroyed it can only be converted from one form to another.

yes, Various energy forms are interconvertible. some examples are given below:

  • Sound energy is converted into electrical energy in a microphone.
  • Electrical energy is converted into sound energy in a loud speaker.
  • Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy in a motor.
  • Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy in a generator.
  • Potential energy is converted into kinetic energy when a stone is dropped.  
  • Electrical energy is converted into heat energy in a room heater.
  • Chemical energy is converted into sound, light and heat energy while firing crackers.  


  • Conversion of Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy
  1. Mechanical energy to electrical energy
  2. Electrical energy to mechanical energy
  3. Electrical energy to heat energy
  4. Heat energy to electrical energy
  5. Electrical energy to sound energy
  6. Sound energy to electrical energy
  7. Electrical energy to chemical energy
  8. Chemical energy to electrical energy
  9. Chemical energy to light energy
  10. Light energy to chemical energy
  11. Electrical energy to light energy
  12. Light energy to electrical energy
  13. Heat energy to mechanical energy
  14. Chemical energy to heat energy
  15. Chemical energy to mechanical energy
  16. Electrical energy to magnetic energy
  17. Nuclear energy to electrical energy
  18. Mechanical energy to heat energy
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