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1) Negation of a statement:
The denial of a statement  is called the negation of the statement. Let us consider the statement: 
p: New Delhi is a city 
The negation of this statement is
It is not the case that New Delhi is a city 
This can also be written as It is false that New Delhi is a city. 
This can simply be expressed as New Delhi is not a city.

2) Compound statements:
A Compound Statement is a statement  which is made up of two or more statements. In this case, each statement is called a component statement. 
Many mathematical statements are obtained by combining one or more statements using some connecting words like “and”, “or”, etc.  
Consider the following statement 
p :  7 is an odd number. 
q :  7 is a prime number
These two statements can be combined with “and” 
r : 7 is both odd and prime number. 
This is a compound statement. 

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