Monsoon as a Unifying Bond




Monsoon as a Unifying Bond 

  • The Himalayas protection to the subcontinent from extremely cold winds from central Asia enables northern India to have uniformly higher temperatures compared to other areas on the same latitudes.
  • Similarly, the Peninsular plateau, which is influenced by the sea on three sides, has moderate temperatures. Despite such moderating influences, temperature conditions vary greatly.
  • Nonetheless, the monsoon's unifying effect on the Indian subcontinent is noticeable. Seasonal changes in wind systems and associated weather conditions provide a rhythmic cycle of seasons.
  • Even the unpredictable rain and uneven distribution are typical of the monsoons. The Indian landscape, animal and plant life, agricultural calendar, and people's lives, including festivals, revolve around this phenomenon. Year after year, Indians from north to south and east to west look forward for the arrival of the monsoon.
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