India: a Subcontinent




  • Subcontinent: A subcontinent is a part of a large continent, made up of several countries that form a large mass of land.


India: A Subcontinent

  • India along with the countries of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka is called a subcontinent.
  • This region possesses distinct continental characteristics in physiography, climate, natural vegetation, minerals, human resources, etc. India is therefore referred to as the subcontinent’.
  • This has a significant impact on how people of that region live, what they consume, and how strong their voice is on the global stage.
  • Thus, we must consider India's geography in order to comprehend its many facets.

Components of the location of a place:

We have two approaches for determining a location's position: the absolute location as well as the relative location.

  1. Absolute location: Absolute location of any place is often given in degrees of latitude and longitude.
  2. Relative location: It pertains to the spatial relationships between our neighbouring nations, political and economic blocs, as well as spatial networks. That basically means that the relative location tells you how one place relates to another. e.g., near, far, etc.
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