Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 11th
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Read about the following disasters which have occurred across the world and answer the following questions.

Major Disasters
Year Disaster Location No. of deaths/loss incurred (approx.)
1920 Earthquake China 2,35,000
1923 Earthquake Japan 1,42,000
1970 Bhola Cyclone India and Bangladesh 5,00,000
1984 Release of gas Methyl Isocyanate Bhopal, India 10,000; 5.5lakh affected
1985 Ruiz Volcanic Eruption Colombia 25,000
1994 Landslide Varandha Ghat, Maharashtra, India 20; Breaching of ghat road, Konkan Coast damaged to the extent of 1 km at several places
1995 Rail accident Firozabad, India 400
1999 Cyclone Odisha, India 10,000
2004 Tsunami India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka 2,50,000
2005 Earthquake India and Pakistan 80,000
2005 Flash Floods Mumbai, India 1100
2014 Hailstorm Maharashtra, India Affected many standing crops, 2700 farm animals dead
2019 Cyclone Fani Odisha, India 89
  1. Classify these disasters into natural and man-made disasters.
  2. Which of these disasters occurred due to climatic conditions?
  3. Which of these disasters occurred due to geological causes?
  4. Can you relate the location of a disaster with its cause?
  5. Besides the number of deaths, what other losses might be occurring after the disasters?
  6. Comparing the cyclones of 1999 and 2019, can you think of the reasons behind the reduction in the number of deaths?
  7. Which of these disasters can be predicted in advance?
  8. Of those disasters for which prediction can be made, can the people be evacuated from the area?
  9. Why do some people get affected by the disaster in specific regions?
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