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Valence Bond Theory

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  • Postulates of Valence Bond Theory
  • Interacting forces during covalent bond formation
  • Overlap of atomic orbitals -
    1. sigma bond (σ)
    a. s-s overlap
    b. p-p overlap
    c. s-p σ bond
    2. pi bond (π)
  • Hybridization
  • Steps considered in Hybridization
    i) Formation of the excited state
    ii) Mixing and Recasting of orbitals
  • Types of Hybridization and Geometry of Molecules 
    i) sp3 Hybridization - Formation of methane (CH4) molecule
    ii) sp2 Hybridization - Formation of C2H4 molecule
    iii) sp hybridization - Formation of acetylene molecule
  • Importance and limitation of valence bond theory
  • Limitations of valence bond theory
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