Maharashtra State BoardHSC Science (General) 11th
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State a type of drama each from any four periods of history. - English

Short Note

State a type of drama each from any four periods of history.

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The periods of the history of British Drama are each well known for their characteristic plays. These are of the following types:

  1. Medieval Period: Didactic plays, Mystery plays, Miracle plays, Cycle plays, Morality plays.
  2. Renaissance Period: Tragic – Comedy, Melancholy, Revenge plays.
  3. Restoration Period: Heroic drama, Pathetic drama, Restoration drama, Restoration comedy.
  4. Victorian Period: All types of plays.
  5. Modern Period: Stream of consciousness, Absurd plays, Poetic drama, Radio drama.
  6. Post-Modern Era: Almost all types of dramas, Kitchen sink drama.
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Balbharati English Yuvakbharati 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4.1 History of English Drama
Objective Test | Q 3 | Page 137
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