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Yonamine and Bushi




Yonamine and Bushi


Yonamine was a girl from Okinawa she was a well-accomplished girl and she was intelligent and big and strong and she was so good at karate that no one could defeat her time came when her dad thought about getting her married but where would he find a man who would want to get married to someone who is stronger to him her father was a rich merchant so whoever she would marry would get a fortune with her she had a condition whoever could beat her in a fair fight she would marry that person. 

There were many men who came forward to take the challenge at the end of the day she was an intelligent strong girl with a fortune first was Kojo he was bigger and stronger than her his legs were like tree trunks and his hands were like shovels but he committed a foul when she was bowing which is a sign of respect he threw a punch she got angry and then she twisted his hard so bad that he had to limp away in his loss.

Many men tried to fight her but she beat all of them and her father was in despair cause everyone wanted a wife who knew how to cook and keep a good house but who would want to marry a girl who enjoyed wrestling. 

Bushi Kiyo was a man who had trained under the karate master Sakugawa and he was so good that the king of Okinawa, appointed him as his personal guard. 

His friends said that he should take up the fight against her although she was bigger than him he was smarter than her and stronger than her and he wanted to marry a girl like her as well he didn't want to marry a fragile girl.

She was very impressed by him he was a tall slim man she also knew he was one of the kings, personal guards, he had dark piercing eyes that looked straight at her and seemed like he was fearless the match began they bowed to each other and began to fight they attacked each other using the best techniques but it looked like the match was going to be a tie but at a crucial moment of the fight she paused and he took her down with a punch her dad was very happy they got married in a very splendid ceremony.

They had a happy marriage she kept the house clean and one day she was sweeping and there was a huge bag of rice she picked it up and swept under it so he thought to himself is she that powerful how did she go down with my punch one day she told him she would like to go and visit her parents he said that it was not safe to travel in the night as there are bandits outside she looked at him and said don't forget that I am a trained wrestler he replied saying but I beat you so don't think you are unbeatable.

she said that she would be able to take care of herself as the bandits weren't as skilled as him she was overconfident thought bushi as soon as she left the house her husband dressed up as a bandit and went and hid behind some trees he attacked her she was so swift that she brought him down and tied him to the tree and continued to walk to her parent's house the next day when she was returning she saw that he was still tied to the tree she asked if she should untie him he said yes and that he would never do it again she was in a hurry cause she had to get home and cook for her husband but she didn't know that he was the one who was tied to the tree.

Bushi returned home that evening looking tired and dull she helped him freshen up and got him a new pair of clothes he took out the white lash and showed it to her she asked whether he was the bandit he said yes and that he learned his lesson never to underestimate anyone. 

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