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Anak Krakatoa




Anak Krakatoa


This is a chapter about volcanos and the different types of volcanos they start by telling us about Krakatoa is an island in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra in Indonesia and the volcano there erupts quite frequently. 

They go on to tell us about what a volcano is and what it does a volcano is a crack or an opening on the Earth's crust from which hot molten lave comes out when this lave overflows and comes out we say that the volcano has erupted. 

Volcanic eruptions change the landform of certain regions when a volcano erupts there are hot lave-like substances that get thrown out of it and there is black smoke in the sky the entire area around gets full of smoke generally volcanos are classified into three types.

The first type is the active volcano type which erupts quite often the next type is the dormant volcanos these volcanos are the type that doesn't erupt as often w find out about these in history but then over a period of time they become quiet and the last type is the extinct type these are the type of volcanos that are not even found in history they don't erupt at all they are done many years ago.

Krakatoa is a live volcano which means it stills erupts one of the worst was in August 1883 they say the sound it created almost traveled 3500 km away and 80 km in the sky it was so bad that the volcanic mountain collapsed on itself it caused a lot of destruction even to the point where inside the sea there was a volcanic eruption there were about 165 villages that were destroyed. 

In 1927 there was smoke coming out of the water and a few days later the volcano erupted again how did that happen When the underwater volcano threw
up ash and rock, it was quickly taken away by the seawater. But then the lava
started flowing out of the crater faster. This volcanic material was not all taken away by the waves, and a new mountain began to grow. It kept growing and was soon seen above the water. Thus, a new island grew from the old island of Krakatoa. It was named ‘Anak Krakatoa’ or the ‘Child of Krakatoa’.

This volcano is still an active volcano there have been eruptions since 1994 it lies quietly for a few days and again it erupts cause of the lava flowing out the island is growing bigger and bigger it almost grows 5 inches a week an old part rataka is still seen in the sea.

After the 1883 eruption, there is no life near the volcano even the islands next to it are completely covered by ash Scientists visited the island in 1884 he only found one spider there. 

Life in Rakata was not completely over some birds brought seeds and some small animals came from the coast to the island so the edge was soon quite full of plants and little animals. 

It was like a science lab cause scientists could actually see how things were progressing today scientists can also observe some parts of Anak Krakatoa which are not completely covered by ash 

The west side of java actually grew in wildlife cause of the volcanic eruption. 



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