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Don’t Give Up!




Don’t Give Up


This poem is all about how we should never give up even though our results may not be positive and we may not see progress at this very movement. We should keep trying because hard work and dedication never go to waste. They will definitely show at some point in your life even if we fail at something being persistent will only get us closer to achieving it. 

Stanza by stanza explanation

If you’ve tried and have not won,
Never stop for crying;
All’s that’s great and good is done
Just by patient trying. 

In the first stanza, the poet speaks about how people get demotivated and lose hope just after trying their hand at something new. What they don't realize is that if you lose at something and waste time thinking about it. It won't make you a winner but practicing or working towards it might so there is no time to waste you just have to keep trying.

Though young birds, in flying, fall,
Still, their wings grow stronger;
And the next time they can keep
Up a little longer. 

In the second stanza, the poet speaks about a bird and uses it as a very good example to explain why we should not give up. A small bird when it is young try to fly and fails a million times but it doesn't give up. It tries again and the next time it flys higher. We as humans should learn from these animals cause although the bird fails a million times it keeps trying and one day it is successful and it can fly free for the rest of its life. 

Though the sturdy oak has known
Many a blast that bowed her,
She has risen again and grown
Loftier and prouder.

In the third stanza, the poet used the oak tree as an example for us not to give up and says that every time the oak tree breaks, the next time it grows stronger and prouder. We as humans should take that example and think every time we fail we should get back up stronger and harder than anything else. We shouldn't stay on the ground and admit defeat cause then we will never achieve anything we want to. 

If by easy work you beat,
Who the more will prize you?
Gaining victory from defeat -
That’s the test that tries you!

In the fourth stanza, the poet speaks about how when you don't work hard and win what's the point of winning. The best feeling to win is when you learn from a loss or when you push yourself to the limit where you know that no one else has worked as hard as you and that you deserve the win. 


This poem tells us all about how we should never give up by being persistent we can achieve so many things. We should always put our best foot forward work hard towards what we want and make sure that no one else can work as hard. We have to make sure that we are the best versions of ourselves. 

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