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A Kabaddi Match




A Kabaddi Match


The story begins by telling us that the school meets were supposed to happen next month and how the practice matches had already begun 9b were the all-time favorites as they had very good kabaddi players but this time 9a had 3 new students and they were really good at kabaddi. 

The match began and everyone in the crowd cheered the teams on a boasted their morale 9a won the toss and decided to send their raider named Govind he was so quick that even before 9b was ready he had already touched Suresh and he had scored one point. 

Ravi from 9b was a very good player his grip was amazing it was impossible to get out of his grip once he caught on to you all the other players were very scared of him he had won so many games for 9b with the help of  Mohan and Vinod 9b could not be defeated. 

Mangesh from 9a was also a very good player and he would give good competition to Ravi. Ravi was relaxed as he did not know what to expect and he thought that there is no one that could give him competition Ravi caught on to Mangesh and all his friends grabbed him as well everyone thought that 9a would definitely lose Mangesh but Mangesh proved himself he moved towards the line in one breath and he touched the line there were loud cheers from the crowd and not only did he save himself he also scored 3 points for his team as Ravi, Mohan and Ajinkya who were holding him were also declared out. 

Now 9b got a little worried one of their raiders also managed to tag Sohan from 9a and the game was pretty normal for the next few raids then it was Vivek's raid he always had a plan in mind and he knew what he wanted to do so he went for his raid and the 3 anti raiders surrounded him he began to move back when they grabbed onto his hand he put his leg across the line and the entire team of 9b had been declared out.

9 A had actually managed to get three more bonus points of lona. It was the icing on the cake after the halftime break the 9a team was full of confidence and they outplayed 9b in every way possible and won the game Their team spirit, their confidence, their strategies, their swiftness, suppleness helped them to beat 9 B who had never tasted defeat earlier.

On the next page, they explain how  kabaddi is played and its rules and what you require to play kabaddi. 

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