Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard

Ad 'wise’ Customers




Ad‘wise’ Customers


This chapter is about how we should be careful while buying products by only looking at their ads. The reason we should be careful is cause people who make ads are very one-sided they only tell you about all the good things of the product they never tell you the bad part of the product. Every product has its own pros and cons but in an ad, they will never show you the cons because then no one will invest in their product.

They have used chips as an example we all have seen that they use fancy packaging to attract customers but we all know that chips are unhealthy and not good for us they are full of salt and spices and they make their ads in such a way that they say any emotion you have you should go and get a bag of chips this also leads to kids misunderstanding and they think that it is the cure to everything.

They have also given us an example of a fairness cream they have made an ad in such a way that it shows the regressive mindset of this world the ad is shot in such a way which is a conversation between two sisters and how one gets new things for a party and is getting ready for the party and the other one is not confident because of her skin tone and she is run down by society because of it a fairness cream does not work but in the ads they make it look like a huge difference. 


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