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Who’s the Greatest?




Who’s the Greatest?


Akbar is known as one of the greatest rulers in the world he was a good ruler he had a vast empire, a very strong army, untold wealth, but that was not the reason why he is liked so much the reason is that he cared about his subjects and he had great respect for scholars, writers, poets, and artists belonging to different religions. He was not partial to anyone he respected everyone and he had his nine gems which mean he had nine men who helped him make decisions and according to what people say that Bribal was his favorite cause there was not once when he asked an insane question and Bribal didn't have an even more insane answer. We don't know whether all the Akbar and Bribal stories really have a place in history cause most of them have been passed from generation to generation by the mode of mouth. 

So one day the emperor Akbar walked into the court and asked an absurd question which was what should be the punishment for someone who pulls my mustache everyone in the courtroom was stunned they were shocked. All of the men in the courtroom began to say “Flog him! Give him fifty lashes of the whip !’’ exclaimed one nobleman. “That’s not enough. Put him in jail without food and water,’’ said another. Akbar asked what he thought he should do and bribal response was shocking he said “In my opinion, O Giver of Peace to the World, the offender should be given his favorite sweetmeats.’’

All the people in the courtroom asked him if he had lost his mind and then he offered them an explanation saying who would be bold enough to pull Akbar's mustache except his own grandson and Akbar began to laugh as that is exactly what happened. On another occasion, Akbar was in his courtyard so his courtiers thought it would be a good time to shower him with praise and get some favors in return they started to have a competition between themselves they started to say.

“You are the greatest of the kings !’’
“You are the greatest of the kings or emperors that ever lived on the earth !’’“You are the greatest of all the people in heaven or earth !’’
“You are as great as God Almighty !’’
“You are greater than the God Almighty !’’

Akbar was no fool he asked if they actually believed what they were saying they all replied saying yes so he said ok and to tell him one thing he can do that god cant they had till the next morning to tell him what they were supposed to. They all were in a fix now they all went to Bribal he heard the story and told them not to worry about it and that he would handle it the next morning came and Akbar asked “Have you found a good answer to my question? Or are you ready to leave the court forever?’’ 

Bribal stepped forward and said “When you want to punish someone, you can banish that person you can throw him out of your kingdom. But God’s kingdom extends everywhere. The Almighty cannot banish anyone from his kingdom.’’ Akbar's face lit up with a smile and he said that is very clever Bribal says that you show that I am superior but you also make sure to put across god is greater you all are forgiven.

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