Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard

The Peacock and the Crane




The Peacock and the Crane


This story is about a peacock and a crane and how the peacock is a very proud creature so one day he saw a crane and he boasted to him and said “Look at my feathers,” he boasted, “how they shine in all the colors of the rainbow, while yours are so pale! I am dressed like a king!” and he goes on to make fun of the crane for its looks and then he also went on boasting  about his feathers and how beautiful they are and how he is so beautiful so the crance replied, “but I can fly high above, among the clouds and the stars and I can see all the beauty of the earth in all its glory, while you live down here just like any other cock.” The crane says that looking good does not make you a good person and you shouldn't judge anyone by just looking at them you should not be rude to people just cause of what they are wearing. 

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