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Planning Process

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In 2015, Naveen left his luxurious life in Mumbai, where he worked as a manager for Blue Birds Ltd. He shifted to Begampur, Chhattisgarh to fulfil his grandmother's dream of converting their 25-acre ancestral land into a fertile farm. For this, he set out specific goals along with the activities to be performed to achieve the goals.

Every activity was a challenge since he was clueless about farming. He learnt every activity from filling the land to sowing the seeds. To aid farmers he launched his own company 'Innovative Agriculture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’

It was difficult initially as no one trusted an urban youth telling farmers about farming. But when everything was discussed in detail the farmers started taking an interest. He wanted to ensure that the future events meet effectively the best interests of the company. Through sales forecasting, he prepared an annual plan for production and sales.

He also found that the farmers grew the only paddy, which was an activity of 3 - 4 months and land remained idle for the rest 8-9 months of the year. He not only identified but evaluated various alternatives through which the farms could be utilised for the remaining months of the year. Through correct foresight and logical and systematic thinking based on analysis of all facts, all alternative were examined and evaluated. He promoted a plan to the farmers, where after harvesting paddy, vegetables could be grown.

The above case highlights the features of one of the functions of management. By quoting lines from the above identify and explain these features.

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