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Write Electronic Configuration and Two Uses of Neon. (Z = 10) - Chemistry

Write electronic configuration and two uses of neon. (Z = 10)

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Electronic configuration of Neon gases:


Atomic number Electronic configuration
Neon Ne 10 1s22s22p6

Uses of neon:

a) Neon bulbs are used in botanical gardens and in green houses

b) Neon is used in,

1) neon lights. Neon lights are glass tubes filled with neon or mixture of neon    and other gases at about 2mm pressure. They glow on electric discharge.They are attractive and have a great penetrating power in mist and fog. When the composition of gaseous mixture and the colour of tube is changed, various shades of neon light are observed.

2) warning signals, spark plug and in television sets

3) safety devices, voltage stabilizers and rectifiers.

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