Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Read the First Activity, Read the Extract and Then Do All the Activities:The Next Year Dell Enrolled at the University of Texas. like - English

Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities:
The next year Dell enrolled at the University of Texas. Like most first-year students, he needed to earn spending money. Just about everyone on campus was talking about personal computers. At the time, anyone who didn’t have a PC wanted one, but dealers were selling them at a hefty mark-up. People wanted low-cost machines custom-made to their needs, and these were not readily available. Why should dealers get such a big mark-up for so little added value ? Dell wondered. Why not sell from the manufacturer directly to the end user ?
Dell knew that IBM required its dealers to take a monthly quota of PCs, in most cases more than they could sell. He also knew that holding excess inventory was costly. So he bought dealers’ surplus stock at cost. Back in his dormitory room, he added features to improve performance. The improved models found eager buyers. Seeing the hungry market, Dell placed local advertisements offering his customized computers at 15 percent of retail price. Soon he was selling to businesses, doctors’ offices and law firms. The trunk of his car was his store; his room took on the appearance of a small factory.
During a holiday break, Dell’s parents told him they were concerned about his grades. “If you want to start a business, do it after you get your degree,” his father pleaded. Dell agreed, but back in college he felt the opportunity of a lifetime was passing him by. “I couldn’t hear to miss this chance,” he says. After one month he started selling computers again- with a vengeance.

A1. True / False - (2)
Rewrite the following sentences stating against each of them whether they are true or false :
(i) Dell bought computers directly from the IBM company.
(ii) Dealers were selling computers at high prices.
(iii) Dell’s father wanted Dell to get his degree.
(iv) Dealers disagreed to sell the surplus stock of computers to Dell.

A2. Give reasons - (2)
Dell wanted to stait a business of selling computers because :
(i) ____________
(ii) ____________

A3. Guess : (2)
“I couldn’t bear to miss this chance,” Dell says. Guess. which chance Dell did not want to miss”.

A4. Vocabulary - (2)
Find out the words from the extract which mean :
(i) college hall of residence
(ii) large amount added to the cost price
(iii) quantity of good in stock
(iv) with great intensity

A5. Personal response : (2)
Suggest two strategies businessman to become a successful businessman.

A6. Grammar - (2)
Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) Seeing the hungry market, Dell placed local advertisement. (Make it a compound sentence)
(ii) He added features to improve performance. (Frame ‘Wh’ question to get the underlined part as an answer.)

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(i) False
(ii) True
(iii) True
(iv) False

(i) Like most first-year students, he needed to earn spending money.
(ii) People wanted low-cost computers custom-made to their needs.

By the lines, “I couldn't bear to miss this chance, Dell did not want to miss the opportunity of selling computers that he was doing earlier as this was one of his dream business & computers were in demand during that time. So he knew the benefit of continuing his business which would make him successful one day that he had always dremed about.

(i) dormitory
(ii) mark-up
(iii) inventory
(iv) vengeance

Owning your own business and becoming a successful businessman is a dream of everyone. But only few succeed in this plan. There are several strategies to become a successful businessman but two of them are:
(i) Hard work and perseverance is the key point.
(ii) Take risks and challenge yourself.
(iii) Plan, learn and create in your business.

(i) Dell saw the hungry market and placed local advertisement.
(ii) Why were features added ?
Why did he add features?

Concept: Reading Skill
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