Karnataka Board PUCPUC Science 2nd PUC Class 12

General Properties of the Transition Elements (D-block)



  • Properties of the first-row transition metals – metallic character
  • Atomic and ionic radii
  • Metallic character
  • Melting and boiling points
  • Colour
  • Physical Properties
  • Variation in Atomic and Ionic Sizes of Transition Metals
  • Ionisation Enthalpies
  • Oxidation States
  • Standard electrode potentials
  • Trends in the M2+/M Standard Electrode Potentials
  • Trends inthe M3+/M2+ Standard Electrode Potentials
  • Trends in Stability of Higher Oxidation States
  • Chemical Reactivity and Eθ Values
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Formation of Coloured Ions
  • Formation of Complex Compounds
  • Catalytic Properties
  • Complex formation
  • Formation of Interstitial Compounds
  • Alloy Formation
  • Oxides and oxoanions of transition metals
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