Biology Delhi Set 2 2014-2015 Science (English Medium) Class 12 Question Paper Solution

Biology [Delhi Set 2]
Marks: 70 Academic Year: 2014-2015
Date: March 2015

[1] 1

What is biopiracy?

Concept: Ethical Issues
Chapter: [0.02] Biotechnology and Its Application
[1] 2

State a reason for the increased population of dark coloured moths coinciding with the loss of lichens (on tree barks) during industrialization period in England.

Concept: Evidences for Biological Evolution
Chapter: [0.03] Evolution
[1] 3

Indiscrimate diagnostic practices using X-rays etc., should be avoided. Give one reason.

Concept: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
Chapter: [0.01] Human Health and Diseases [0.04] Reproductive Health
[1] 4

Name the transcriptionally active region of chromatin in a nucleus.

Concept: Packaging of DNA Helix
Chapter: [0.02] Molecular Basis of Inheritance
[1] 5

A geneticist interested in studying variations and patterns of inheritance in living beings prefers to choose organisms for experiments with shorter life cycle. Provide a reason.

Concept: Mendelian Inheritance - Mendel’s Laws of Heredity
Chapter: [0.01] Principles of Inheritance and Variation
[2] 6 | Attempt any one
[2] 6.1

Many fresh water animals can not survive in marine environment. Explain.

Concept: Organism and Its Environment - Introduction of Organisms and Environment
Chapter: [0.01] Organisms and Populations
[2] 6.2

How are productivity, gross productivity, net primary productivity and secondary productivity interrelated ?

Concept: Productivity
Chapter: [0.02] Ecosystem
[2] 7

Name any two common Indian millet crops.

Concept: Plant Breeding
Chapter: [0.02] Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

State one characteristic of millets that has been improved as a result of hybrid breeding so as to produce high yielding millet crops.

Concept: Plant Breeding
Chapter: [0.02] Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
[2] 8

Mention a product of human welfare obtained with the help of each one of the following microbes :
(a) LAB
(b) Saccharomyces cerevisiae
(c) Propionibacterium shermanii
(d) Aspergillus niger

Concept: Microbes in Human Welfare
Chapter: [0.03] Microbes in Human Welfare [0.03] Microbes in Human Welfare
[2] 9

Explain the mechanism of sex determination in birds.

Concept: Sex Determination
Chapter: [0.01] Principles of Inheritance and Variation
[2] 10

After a brief medical examination a healthy couple came to know that both of them are unable to produce functional gametes and should look for an 'ART' (Assisted Reproductive Technique). Name the 'ART' and the procedure involved that you can suggest to them to help them bear a child. 

Concept: Infertility
Chapter: [0.04] Reproductive Health
[3] 11

Explain adaptive radiation with the help of a suitable example.

Concept: Theories of Biological Evolution - Adaptive Radiation
Chapter: [0.03] Evolution
[3] 12

A teacher wants his/her students to find the genotype of pea plants bearing purple coloured flowers in their school garden. Name and explain the cross that will make it possible

Concept: Extensions of Mendelian Genetics (Deviation from Mendelism) - Polygenic Inheritance
Chapter: [0.01] Principles of Inheritance and Variation
[3] 13

A DNA segment has a total of 1,500 nucleotides, out of which 410 are Guanine containing nucleotides. How many pyrimidine bases this segment possesses ?

Concept: Structure of DNA and RNA
Chapter: [0.02] Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Draw a diagrammatic sketch of a portion of DNA segment to support your answer.

Concept: DNA Replication - The Experimental Proof
Chapter: [0.02] Molecular Basis of Inheritance
[3] 14

Name the stage of human embryo at which it gets implanted.

Concept: Fertilization and Implantation
Chapter: [0.03] Human Reproduction

Explain the process of implantation.

Concept: Fertilization and Implantation
Chapter: [0.03] Human Reproduction
[3] 15

A non biology person is quite shocked to know that apple is a false fruit, mango is a true fruit and banana is a seedless fruit. As a biology student how would you satisfy this person ?

Concept: Post Fertilisation in Plant: Structures and Events - Development of Endosperm
Chapter: [0.02] Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
[3] 16

Enlist the steps involved in inbreeding of cattle.

Concept: Animal Husbandry (Livestock)
Chapter: [0.02] Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Suggest two disadvantages of inbreeding of cattle practice.

Concept: Animal Husbandry (Livestock)
Chapter: [0.02] Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
[3] 17

Choose any three microbes, from the following which are suited for organic farming which is in great demand these days for various reasons. Mention one application of each one chosen.

Mycorrhiza, Monascus, Anabaena, Rhizobium, Methanobacterium, Trichoderma.

Concept: Microbes in Human Welfare
Chapter: [0.03] Microbes in Human Welfare [0.03] Microbes in Human Welfare
[3] 18

Draw a labelled sketch of sparged-stirred-tank bioreactor. Write its application.

Concept: Processes of Recombinant DNA Technology
Chapter: [0.01] Biotechnology - Principles and Processes
[3] 19

Following the collision of two trains a large number of passengers are killed. A majority of them are beyond recognition. Authorities want to hand over the dead to their relatives. Name a modern scientific method and write the procedure that would help in the identification of kinship.

Concept: DNA Fingerprinting Technique
Chapter: [0.02] Molecular Basis of Inheritance
[3] 20

Recombination DNA−technology is of great importance in the field of medicine. With the help of a flow chart, show how this technology has been used in preparing genetically engineered human insulins.

Concept: Biotechnological Applications in Medicine
Chapter: [0.02] Biotechnology and Its Application
[3] 21 | Attempt any one
[3] 21.1

Many plant and animal species are on the verge of their extinction because of loss of forest land by indiscriminate use by the humans. As a biology student what method would you suggest along with its advantages that can protect such threatened species from getting extinct ?

Concept: Extinction
Chapter: [0.03] Biodiversity and Its Conservation
[3] 21.2

"Determination of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) can help in suggesting the quality of a water body." Explain.

Concept: Introduction of Water Pollution and Its Control
Chapter: [0.04] Environmental Issues
[3] 22

A team of students are preparing to participate in the interschool sports meet. During a practice session you find some vials with labels of certain cannabinoids.

(a) Will you report to the authorities? Why?

(b) Name of a plant from which such chemicals are obtained.

(c) Write the effect of these chemicals on human body.

Concept: Drugs and Alcohol Abuse - Adolescence - Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Chapter: [0.01] Human Health and Diseases
[4] 23

Since October 02, 2014 "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" has been launched in our country.
(a) Write your views on this initiative giving justification.
(b) As a biologist name two problems that you may face while implementing the programme in your locality.
(c) Suggest two remedial methods to overcome these problems.

Concept: Environmental Issues
Chapter: [0.04] Environmental Issues [0.04] Environmental Issues
[5] 24 | Attempt any one
[5] 24.1

"Analysis of age-pyramids for human population can provide important inputs for long-term planning strategies." Explain.

Concept: Population - Population Attributes
Chapter: [0.01] Organisms and Populations
[5] 24.2

Describe the advantages for keeping the ecosystems healthy

Concept: Ecosystem
Chapter: [0.02] Ecosystem
[5] 25 | Attempt any one
[5] 25.1

A flower of brinjal plant following the process of sexual reproduction produces 360 viable seeds.
Answer the following questions giving reasons:
(a) How many ovules are minimally involved?
(b) How many megaspore mother cells are involved?
(c) What is the minimum number of pollen grains that must land on stigma for pollination?
(d) How many male gametes are involved in the above case?
(e) How many microspore mother cells must have undergone reduction division prior to dehiscence of anther in the above case?

Concept: Parts of Flower - Essential Parts of Flower: Androecium
Chapter: [0.02] Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
[5] 25.2

Describe the changes that occur in ovaries and uterus in human female during the reproductive cycle.

Concept: Menstrual Cycle (Ovarian Cycle)
Chapter: [0.03] Human Reproduction
[5] 26 | Attempt any one
[5] 26.1

Explain the genetic basis of blood grouping in human population.

Concept: Extensions of Mendelian Genetics (Deviation from Mendelism)
Chapter: [0.01] Principles of Inheritance and Variation
[5] 26.2

Answer the following questions based on Hershey and Chases's experiments:

(a) Name the kind of virus they worked with and why?

(b) Why did they use two types of culture media to grow viruses in ? Explain.

(c) What was the need for using a blender and later a centrifuge during their experiments?

(d) State the conclusion drawn by them after the experiments.

Concept: Search for Genetic Material - Introduction of Search for Genetic Material
Chapter: [0.02] Molecular Basis of Inheritance

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