‘Since’Or‘For’ We Often Use the Present Perfect with Time Expressions Using ‘Since’ Or ‘For’. - English - Communicative

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We often use the Present Perfect with time expressions using ‘since’ or ‘for’.
Which expressions go with since and which go with for? (Indicate with a tick). (The first two have been done for you.)

We use ‘since’ to express ______ in time, whereas ‘for’ is used to express ______ of time.

since for  
    last week
a short time
    a decade
    the day before yesterday
    22 june
    several weeks
    6 months


We use ‘since’ to express a point in time, whereas ‘for’ is used to express a period of time

since for  
    last week
a short time
  a decade
  the day before yesterday
  22nd June
  several weeks
  6 months
Concept: Writing and Grammar
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Chapter 1.1: Verb Forms - Exercises [Page 8]


CBSE Class 9 English Communicative - Workbook Interact in English
Chapter 1.1 Verb Forms
Exercises | Q 9 | Page 8


Answer the following question:

How did Harold come to know that his father was a boxer?

Answer the following question briefly.

What was John A. Pescud’s opinion about best sellers? Why?

Having read this extract, identify the stages of a person's life as Shakespeare has
done. Write down these stages in your note book, and sum up the characteristics
of each stage in two or three words. e.g.
Stages Characteristics
infancy crying

Answer the following question.

With reference to the poem, how can you look after your teeth?

Present Continuous
Look around your classroom and observe the activities in your school in this
period. Describe what you, your teacher or class are doing in the form of a
e.g. The Blue House is practising its songs for the competition. I can hear the band
which is playing patriotic tunes, in the playground.

After reading the information given in Question 8, complete the table given below by filling in the blank spaces. 

Sub species Countries Estimated    Population
Minimum Maximum
P .t. altaica Amur (a)…………………………………………….. (b)……… (c)………
Royal Bengal Tiger India (d)……… (e)………
P. t. corbetti
(Indo­Chinese tiger)
China (f)………… 40
P. t. sumatrae
(Sumatran Tiger)
(g)…………………………………. 400 (h)…………

Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. Write the answers against the correct numbers.

Put into / as the / at low / baby can / he is / as soon / water / toddle / tide
As soon as the baby can toddle he is put into water at low tide.

(a) water / the baby / in the/ there / plays/ sits and
(b) long enough / the mother / him/ does not / to worry / there / leave him
(c) older / at low tide / as / wade about / allowed to / he is / he grows
(d) look out / water / keep a / into deep / sharp / does not stray / so that he/ his elders
(e) permitted to / from which / judgment / he may / make small mistakes / he is / learn to make better
(f) are given / to swim / small canoes / the children / they / own / are able/ of their / when

Study the following sentences. Select one underlined word which is incorrect. Write the incorrect word in the box below, as shown in the example.

e.g. Sarawak is a beautiful place which lies almost on an Equator and is rich in natural resources.


(a) It has an Equatorial climate that mean it is hot with heavy rains almost every after-noon.


(b) Heavy clouds prevent the sun from heating the ground too intense.


(c) In an interior of Sarawak, there are huge reserves of hardwood timber.


(d) Sarawak is also an oil product.


(e) Great efforts are been made to conserve these resources.


Past passive –

“Where was it made?”

Look at what your partner is wearing. Imagine where the various items of clothing were (or might have been) made, and tell your partner. Use your imagination!

e.g. A : Was your shirt made in France ?
B : No, actually it was made in Brazil.

On the basis of your reading of the exctract on Chess , complete the following table with your partner . 

Figure  Name  Order of importance  Function  Significance 


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