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Nicholas Chorier is Not Your Usual Photographer. He is a Kite Aerial Photographer. He Uses a Kite to Hoist His Camera into the Skies and Clicks Photographs While the Camera Dangles Precariously Mid – Air. - English

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Nicholas chorier is not your usual photographer. He is a kite aerial photographer. He uses a kite to hoist his camera into the skies and clicks photographs while the camera dangles precariously mid – air.
As a teenager, Nicholas had two passions – photography and kite flying. During’ a trip to India to make a photo report on kite making, he learnt about this unique style of photography. Fascinated, he literally tied his two hobbies together for a living.
Nicholas learnt to make a strong modelled on the Japanese kites, Rokkaku that could endure harsh winds. A novice in his chosen field, he then set out to train himself. Today he is one of the most well – known aerial photographers in the world.
The technique is to tie a cradle containing the photography equipment to the string of the kite and then fly it, thus launching the camera into air. From the ground, Nicholas manipulates the angles of the camera with a remote. An air – to – ground video link enables him to see the view from the kite’s vantage point. Once satisfied with the frame, he clicks a picture.
However, the job does have its pitfalls too. Once, his kite disappeared in the Yamuna river, with his expensive camera in tow.
He is especially fond of India, having made a couple of trips and taken many spectacular photos. “India is too vast and beautiful a country to be captured through the lenses in one life” he says.
He recently released a book, Kite’s Eye View: India between Earth and sky. Though it includes photographs of oft takes sites like the Taj Mahal, it shows them from a totally different perspective.

(1) What were Nicholas’s two passions?
(2) How does Nicholas take aerial photographs?
(3) What is ‘Rokkaku’?
    (a) Pick out words from the passage which mean :
        (i) To tolerate
        (ii) Costly
    (b) Nicholas has two passions. [Start the sentence with ‘Nicholas was …….using the adjective form of passion]
   (a) India is too vast a country to be captured through the lenses. [Remove too ………. And rewrite]      (b) Nicholas learnt to make strong kites. [Rewrite using past perfect tense]
(6) What risks do aerial photographers face?

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(1) Nicholas’s two passions were photography and kite flying.
(2) Nicholas uses a kite to hoist his camera into the skies, manipulates the angles from the ground and clicks pictures with the camera dangling in mid-air.
(3) A ‘Rokkaku’ is a Japanese kite.
(4) (a) (i) to tolerate: to endure
          (ii) costly: expensive
     (b) Nicholas was passionate about two things.
(5) (a) India is such a vast country that it cannot be captured through the lenses.
     (b) Nicholas had learnt to make strong kites.
(6) Aerial photographers face the risk of their expensive equipments being damaged. Since they are tied on the strings of kites, they run a risk of falling from a great height.

Concept: Reading Skill (Non-textual)
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