Concept of Price (Marketing)



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Answer the following question:
After acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills on starting an Aloe vera Farm. Ashok wanted to be the leading manufacturer of Aloe vera products worldwide. He observed that the products were expensive as the demand of the products was more than supply. He was also keen to promote methods and practices that were economically visible, environmentally sound, and at the same time protecting public health.
Ashok's main consideration was about the amount of money paid by the consumers in consideration of the purchase of Aloe vera products. He also thought that competitors' prices and their anticipated reactions must also be considered for this.
After gathering and analysing information and doing correct marketing planning, he came to know that the consumers compare the value of a product to the value of money which they are required to pay. The consumers will be ready to buy a product when they perceived that the value of the product is at least equal to the value of money which they would pay.
Since he was entering into a new market, he felt that he may not be able to cover all costs. He knew that in the long run, the business will not be able to survive unless all costs are covered in addition to a minimum profit.
He examined the quality and features of the products of the competitors and the anticipated reactions of the consumers. Considering the same he decided to add some unique features to the packaging and also decided to provide free home delivery of the products.

The above case relates to a concept which is considered to be an effective competitive marketing weapon. In conditions of perfect competition, most of the firms compete with each other on this concept in the marketing of goods and services.
(1) Identify the concept.
(2) Explain briefly any four factors discussed in the above case related to the concept so identified.


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