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The Residents of Kanpur Decide to Approach the Chairman of the Municipal Steps Which Can Be Taken Problem of Pollution in Their City. in Groups of Six, Play the Role of the Following - English - Communicative

Answer in Brief

The residents of Kanpur decide to approach the Chairman of the Municipal Steps which can be taken problem of pollution in their city. In groups of six, play the role of the following : (Cue cards may be given by the teacher)  

• A farmer 
• An environmentalist 
• Chairman of the Municipal Corporation 
• President of 'Save the Ganga Project' 
• A Human rights activist 

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  • A farmer: The water which comes to our fields from the Ganges is very dirty. It looks blackish with a layer of oil on top. I think all of this is due to the tanneries near the river. Over last five years the yield from my field has gone down sharply. I am worried how I shall provide food to my family.
  • An environmentalist: The water of the Ganges is highly polluted with effluents from tanneries and other factories. The smoke from these factories is polluting the air with harmful gases as well. Nothing is safe, neither air nor water. Drinking water is full of harmful substances like arsenic. There has been a sharp rise in the number of cases of asthma and gastric problems. The fish population is decreasing in the Ganges which is a sign of ecological imbalance.
  • President of ‘Save the Ganga Project’: The Ganga is not only a sacred river but it is the only source to sustain life in Kanpur also. It is ridiculous that on die one hand we worship Ganga and on the other we go on making it a dirty and filthy river.
  • A Human rights activist: Children are exploited by greedy factory owners. There should be strict punishment for factory owners as they make innocent children toil in harsh and polluted environment.
Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE English Course Communicative: Main Course Book Interact in English - Class 9
Chapter 3.2 Save Mother Earth
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 55
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