Sergius Tells Bluntschli in the Play "You'Re Not a Man, You'Re a Machine." Do You Agree with Sergius' Assessment of Blunts Ii? Give Your Views. - English (Literature in English)

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Sergius tells Bluntschli in the play "you're not a man, you're a machine." Do you agree with Sergius' assessment of Blunts ii? Give your views.



In the lesson, “Arms & The Man” written by George Bernard Shaw, is a play that describes Bulgarian – Serbian war in the 1880s. It includes romance, suspense & fear. As we all know the story that Raina & Sergius were engaged in & later there comes Bluntschli who was captain & was a Swedish professional soldier who fought servians during the war. He thought courage is overrated & that war is more ugly than noble. Raina used to call Bluntschli as “ Chocolate cream soldier”.  Raina & Sergius were in “higher love” but then due to misunderstandings between both of them due to Bluntschli & Louka they both started creating distance between themselves. Raina could notice that Sergius was getting closer to their servant Louka wherein Sergius felt that Raina was getting close to Bluntschli. Anybody would feel jealous if they see their partner or fiance getting close to anyone else. Hence, out of anger & frustration. Sergius told Bluntschli that he was a machine & not men as he was an army person and used to deal with ammunitions all the time which was correct as he lost his partner & could feel that pain & emotion of losing someone from the life.

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