English Communicative All India Set 2 2013-2014 English Medium Class 10 Question Paper Solution

English Communicative [All India Set 2]
Marks: 80 Academic Year: 2013-2014
Date: March 2014

[8] 1

The Perfect Dog
In the summer of 1967, when I was ten years old, my father caved into my persistent pleas and took me to get my own dog. Together we drove in the family station wagon far into the Michigan countryside to a farm run by a rough-hewn woman and her ancient mother. The farm produced just one commodity—dogs. Dogs of every imaginable size and shape and age and temperament. They had only two things in common: each was a mongrel of unknown and distinct ancestry, and each was free to a good home.
I quickly decided the older dogs were somebody else’s charity case. I immediately raced to the puppy cage. “You want to pick one that’s not timid,” my father coached. “Try rattling the cage and see which ones aren’t afraid.”

I grabbed the chain-link gate and yanked on it with a loud clang. The dozen or so puppies reeled backward, collapsing on top of one another in a squiggling heap of fur. Just one remained. He was gold with a white blaze on his chest, and he charged at the gate, yapping fearlessly. He jumped up and excitedly licked my fingers through the fencing. It was love at first sight.
I brought him home in a cardboard box and named him Shaun. He was one of those dogs that give dogs a good name. He effortlessly mastered every command I taught him and was naturally well-behaved. I could drop a crust on the floor and he would not touch it until I gave the okay.
Relatives would visit for the weekend and returned home determined to buy a dog of their own, so impressed were they with Shaun – or “Saint Shaun”, as I came to call him. Born with the curse of an uncertain lineage, he was one of the tens of thousands of unwanted dogs in America. Yet by some stroke of almost providential good fortune, he became wanted. He came into my life and I into his – and in the process, he gave me the childhood every kid deserves.

The love affair lasted fourteen years, and by the time he died I was no longer the little boy who had brought him home on that summer day. I was a man, out of college and working across the state in my first real job. Saint Shaun had stayed behind when I moved on. It was where he belonged. My parents, by then retired, called to break the news to me. My mother would later tell me, “In fifty years of marriage, I’ve only seen your father cry twice. The first time was when we lost Mary Ann” – my sister, who was still-born. “The second time was the day Shaun died.”

Saint Shaun of my childhood. He was a perfect dog. At least that’s how I will always remember him. It was Shaun who set the standard by which I would judge all other dogs to come.
(Marley and Me by John Grogan)

1.1 Based on your reading of the passage, complete the following statements. 

(a) The dog farm was run by ________________________________.

(b) The author did not want an old dog because ______________________________.

(c) He fell in love with the dog the moment the latter _______________________.

(d) Shaun became so obedient that he ______________________ until the author allowed him.

(e) After visiting them, their relatives wanted ________________________.

(f) When Shaun died even _______________________.

1.2 Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following. 

(a) urgent requests (para 1)

(b) falling (para 3)

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills
[7] 2 | Read the passage given below

Read the following passage:

It's Beginning to Bite
In these trying times, when buying ordinary food stuff can burn a hole in your pockets, comes the news that can actually help us save some hard cash when we go out to shop the next time. According to a Stanford University study, the first of its kind in the world, there is no evidence to suggest that there are more nutritional benefits from expensive organic food than those grown by conventional methods. The researchers add that there is no difference in protein and fat content between organic and conventional milk and the vitamin count is similar in both types. The only benefit is that organic foods are not contaminated with pesticides but then before you chew on the plate of organic okra with roti made from organic wheat, they are not 100% pesticide free either. In India, organic food has been growing at 20-22% and the export market is valued at Rs. 1,000 crore. Obviously, the study is not good news for that sector and for people who are big on organic food.

In India, eating organic food is more of a style statement than due to health worries because the stuff is expensive. But people who can, do indulge in not only organic vegetables but even organic eggs laid by 'happy hens', who are allowed to roam around freely whereas 'unhappy hens' are kept in coops. Then there are companies that have installed music channels in their cowsheds and the milk from those sheds are sold at a marked up price since it has more nutritional value because the animals are happy thanks to lilting 24×7 music. We don't know yet any farmer using music to improve his crop quality, but then you never know : plants are known to respond to music.

Why such pickiness about food ? These days, the huge number of TV shows and articles that we see and read on food provide bread and butter for the specialist. But instead of decoding food, its sources and what has gone into growing it, isn't it much better to enjoy what's on the plate ?

(Adapted from The Hindustan Times)

Complete the statements given below by choosing the correct options from those that follow:

(a) According to a Stanford University study, organic food in relation to conventional food is________.
  (i) less nutritious
  (ii) more nutritious
  (iii) very conventional
  (iv) as nutritious

(b) The study will not be welcomed by _________.
  (i) farmers of conventional food
  (ii) makers of pesticides
  (iii) all sectors
  (iv) exporters of organic food

(c) We can save some hard cash by _________.
  (i) buying organic food
  (ii) not buying organic food
  (iii) going to the shop
  (iv) not buying food with pesticides

(d) Music channels are installed in the cowshed because the _________.
  (i) cows then give more milk
  (ii) milk is sold at a higher price
  (iii) milk becomes more pure
  (iv) workers becomes happy

(e) In the second paragraph, the author's attitude to the people who eat food sourced from 'happy' animals is that he _________.
  (i) is happy with them
  (ii) is unhappy with them
  (iii) is laughing at them
  (iv) wants crops to be grown similarly

(f) One benefit of organic food is that __________.
  (i) it is fashionable to eat
  (ii) only rich people can afford it
  (iii) it is less contaminated with pesticides
  (iv) even poor people can afford it

(g) The word 'contaminated' means ________.
  (i) adulterated
  (ii) for adults
  (iii) containing
  (iv) not healthy

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills
[3] 3

You are Mahender, Sports Captain, St John’s School, Lucknow. Write a notice in 50–60 words for the school notice board informing students about an inter-school football match to be played in your school. Invite them to watch and cheer the teams.

Concept: Notice Writing
Chapter: [0.16] Writing Skills
[3] 4

You went to book a ticket at the railway station. You came across long queues, chaos and unhelpful staff. You wasted a day and came back without booking the ticket. Make a diary entry in 50 – 60 words expressing your concern about the system.

Concept: Diary Entry
Chapter: [0.16] Writing Skills
[4] 5

Last year your school appointed a new T.G.T. who came to teach you English in Class 9. You are very impressed with her. Write a description of your T.G.T. (English) in about 100 words. You may use the clues given below.

  • qualification, college/university
  • personality
  • attitude towards students
  • manner of teaching
  • problem solving
  • course punctuality
  • weak students
Concept: Paragraph Writing
Chapter: [0.16] Writing Skills
[5] 6

You live in a hostel away from your family. You will not be able to visit your family on Diwali owing to your forthcoming exams. As Renu/Rohit, write an e-mail to your mother in 120–150 words wishing the family a happy Diwali and expressing your feelings at not being able to join them.

Concept: E-mails Writing
Chapter: [0.16] Writing Skills
[5] 7

Each year witnesses soaring cut-offs for university admissions. Many a deserving student is left without a seat causing frustration. Write an article for a local daily in about 120 words highlighting the plight of students and suggest measures that the Government could take to provide enough avenues for the youth. You are Amit/Anita.

Concept: Article Writing
Chapter: [0.16] Writing Skills
[3] 8

Nina: What are your plans for the autumn break, Nita?

Nita: I plan to (a) ____________________ my aunt. She lives near Gangtok, just (b) ______________ miles away from the town.

Nina: Oh! That sounds exciting. When (c) ____________________ you leave?

(a) (i) visit (ii) visited (iii) visits (iv) visiting
(b) (i) a few (ii) a little (iii) less (iv) fewer
(c) (i) does (ii) did (iii) done (iv) do

Concept: Make a Sentence
Chapter: [0.15] Additional Grammar
[3] 9

Complete the news items given below by choosing the correct options from those that follow:

(a) 15-year-old Ram ______ against robbers last night.

i. fight single-handedly

ii. fought single-handed

iii. will fight single-handed

iv. has fought single-handed

(b) Delhi High Court ______ kite flying in urban areas is illegal.

i. declaring that

ii. has declared that

iii. declares that

iv. will declare that

(c) A killer whale thrashed a trainer killing him ______ a shocked crowd.

i. at front of

ii. in view off

iii. at the back of

iv. in front of

Concept: Make a Sentence
Chapter: [0.15] Additional Grammar
[3] 10 | Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

(a) your destiny / right hand / it is said / your / that / is in
(b) the problems / determine / how / our personalities / of life / we deal
(c) than others / can cope / some people / better / hardships / with

Concept: Make a Sentence
Chapter: [0.15] Additional Grammar
[3] 11 | In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined. The first one is done as an example.

Lemons are small size. They               e.g. small in size

have many qualities. Are used         (a) __________ _________ __________

as agents add a particular taste.      (b) __________ _________ ____________

They are also source of several      (c) __________ _________ ____________

other benefits

Concept: Spotting Errors
Chapter: [0.15] Additional Grammar
[3] 12 | Read the conversation given below and complete the paragraph that follows

Jatin: Will you come with me to watch a movie tonight?

David: I would have, but I need to finish my English homework.

Jatin: Then I shall ask Ravi.

Jatin asked David if he would (a) ___________________. David replied that he would have but (b) __________________. Jatin then said (c) __________________________________.

Concept: Direct-Indirect Speech
Chapter: [0.15] Additional Grammar
[9] 13
[3] 13.1 | Read the extract given below and answer briefly the questions that follow.

He holds him with his skinny hand,

“There was a ship,” quoth he.

i. Who does ‘He’ refer to in the above extract?

ii. What do we know about the speaker’s feelings?

iii. Why is his hand called ‘skinny’?

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills
[3] 13.2 | Read the extract given below and answer briefly the questions that follow.

It all started a month ago. Dad and I had spent the entire Saturday afternoon at the Computer Fair.

i. Who does ‘I’ in the extract refer to?

ii. What started a month ago?

iii. What does the speaker have a keen interest in?

Concept: Virtually True
Chapter: [0.0106] Virtually True
[3] 13.3 | Read the extract given below and answer briefly the questions that follow

Good countrymen, let me depart alone,

And, for my sake, stay here with Antony

i. Identify the speaker of the above lines.

ii. When and where were the above lines spoken?

iii. Bring out the irony in the above extract.

Concept: Julius Caesar
Chapter: [0.0113] Julius Caesar
[6] 14 | Answer any two of the following questions in 30–40 words each.
[2] 14.1

Why did John’s wife get angry with him? What did she decide to do?

Concept: A Shady Plot
Chapter: [0.0104] A Shady Plot
[2] 14.2

Why did the poet throw the log at the snake?

Concept: Snake
Chapter: [0.0111] Snake
[2] 14.3

How did nature foretell Caesar’s death?

Concept: Julius Caesar
Chapter: [0.0113] Julius Caesar
[5] 15

Now let it work. Mischief thou art afoot.
Take thou what course thou wilt!

Antony seeks justice by getting the mob to kill the conspirators. But to correct a wrong, one cannot commit another wrong. Write a speech for the school assembly on – The ends do not justify the means. (120–150 words)

Concept: Julius Caesar
Chapter: [0.0113] Julius Caesar
[10] 16 | Attempt either Part (A) or Part (B).
[10] 16.1 |  Part (A)
[5] 16.1.1 | Answer the following questions in 120–150 words each.

How did the air raids disrupt the Dutch public life?

Concept: Reading Skills
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills
[5] 16.1.2 | Attempt any one

Attempt a character sketch of Anne Frank.

Concept: From the Diary of Anne Frank

Attempt a character sketch of Otto Frank, Anne's father.

Concept: Reading Skills
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills
[10] 16.2 | PART (B) Answer the following questions in 120–150 words each.
[5] 16.2.1

Describe the progress made by Helen Keller during the two years she spent at Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in New York City.

Concept: Reading Skills
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills
[5] 16.2.2 | Attempt any one

Attempt a character sketch of Mr Gilman as a teacher.

Concept: Reading Skills
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills

It was her determination that helped Helen Keller get admission to Radcliffe College. Comment.

Concept: Reading Skills
Chapter: [0.17] Reading Skills

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